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Toussaint Harrison

AUGUST 26, 1932 – MARCH 11, 2021

Toussaint Lamar Harrison was born on August 26, 1932 in Wilmington, DE. He was the seventh of nine children born to ms loving parents William and Susie Muse Harrison.

Following a long illness at the tender age of 88, God summoned Toussaint to his eternal, heavenly home on Thursday, March 11, 2021. In ms early years, Toussaint grew up and went to public school in Wilmington, DE until the death of ms father caused the family to make some changes. Many of his older siblings were already established with jobs of their own, so given a choice between moving down South – Florida or up north – New York, Toussaint elected to move to the “Big City’ with one of his older sisters, Peachy (Helen) to attend high school. He’d love to tell stories about how he could do a lot with fifty cents – catch the bus or subway, double-features at the movies, soda, popcorn, candy, hotdogs, or Coney Island for a treat. Or ms sister would use the money to make a “collect” call to mom whenever he

In eighth grade, Toussaint decided he’d had enough of school and New York and moved back home to Wilmington. After a number of odd jobs including hustling, he decided it might be easier to join the Army and see the world. following basic training, he was sent off to Korea where the war was coming to a close.

After serving his initial two years, he returned to Wilmington where he met Miss Isabel Burke who would become his devoted and faithful wife of 48 years and the mother of his children until her death. He re-enlisted in the Army and was stationed stateside before receiving orders for combat duty in VietNam While stationed in Viet Nam he was awarded the Military Order of the Purple Heart for meritorious performance of duty. Upon returning to the states, Toussaint received orders to report to Germany, fortunately the next two times he was able to take his family with him. His last duty station was Ft. Meade MD where he served as a Sergeant in the Inspector General’s office. While in the military, he obtained his GED and attended college. With more than 2